As a Club, we strive to educate people on how to train their dogs to be successful at AKC retriever hunt tests, field trials and as reliable hunting companions. We do not train dogs, we teach people.

The Club maintains a training committee comprised of dedicated amateurs who have trained and titled dogs at various levels. Each year, the training committee works diligently to provide training opportunities and events for members. 

The Club is a valuable resource for making connections amongst the membership for training partners and grounds. Each Spring, dedicated individuals donate their time and resources to educate beginners and the more seasoned alike.

The Club hosts Mock tests, events which are designed to mimic what a participant can expect to experience in an actual AKC hunt test. These events provide more than a measuring tool for dogs, they educate and offer people an opportunity to learn the tasks and jobs involved with putting on an actual AKC event.


Club Training days are open to all Club members. Potential members may attend one training day prior to submitting a membership application. For more information please contact the Club Secretary, Ann-Marie Desautelle at: