About Us
 The club has conducted an annual AKC sanctioned hunt test since 1990. Regular training activities are held from mid-spring through the summer, and include classes which target specific skill development for dogs at various levels, as well as general club training sessions designed to simulate hunt test scenarios. The annual hunt test currently takes place on the grounds of the 4,594 acre Partridge Run Wildlife Management Area, where the club has access to numerous ponds and fields with varied terrain. The club host's Mock tests and training sessions on privately owned land as well.
The club welcomes members at all levels of experience, from the first-time retriever owner to those competing at the master level. Club members include hunt test and field trial judges, experienced trainers with dogs at the senior and master level, show dog breeders seeking working titles on their dogs, hunters, and beginners who have an interest in training their new retriever puppy. 

Why should you consider membership in this Club? We have a diverse and dedicated membership. We are comprised of people interested in responsible retriever breeding. Those who are interested in achieving AKC titles and beyond and those who wish to preserve responsible conservation in hunting practices....a well trained retriever.

“If you expect to gain control of a dog’s mind, he has to find his place in the hierarchy of the pack. He has to understand the pecking order or the order of domination. And, you must be at the top of that ladder: the pack leader. You must be the “alpha dog.” ~Butch Goodwin, Retrievers From the Inside Out.